A visit to the Optometrist

This Interactive Animation will help prepare your child for a visit to Dr. Murray by showing and explaining the tools that are used in an eye exam. (Source: British Columbia Association of Optometrists, Canada)

– focuses on children’s vision, including developmental milestones, signs of vision problems, and protecting kids’ eyes against injury and sun damage.
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– links to a checklist of signs and symptoms that may indicate a vision problem (click on Vision & Learning and then on the Symptoms Checklist). Children’s learning difficulties often are due to vision-related problems even if they have corrected or 20-20 vision. (Source: College of Optometrists in Vision Development)
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Convergence Insufficiency

– is an eye-muscle coordination problem affecting one in 20 children. This site explains how CI impairs reading performance and everyday activities and provides a list of signs and symptoms.
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