Valerie’s Story

I would recommend Vision Therapy because of the very positive experience my children and our family have had with Dr. Brian Murray and VT.

My youngest daughter was having trouble reading. I really noticed it between 2nd and 3rd grade. I took her to a doctor and was told everything was fine. In 4th grade she had a little trouble with an eye test at school. I took her to another doctor. He said something was going on but he could not find any corrective lens that would help. He gave her a couple exercises to do at home and said to come back in a couple months. We continued to limp thru reading. By now my daughter disliked reading. It was a constant issue, tutoring in the summer, special classes at school, stress for our family….

The summer before 5th grade I stumbled upon Vision Therapy. Ironically, I knew the doctor and his family because my daughter and one of his were in the same class at school. But I had never connected the dots.

I had myself and both of my daughters tested. My youngest (age 10) had “major” focusing problems. I was in shock. I had trouble understanding because she excels at sports. She plays competitive sports (all-star level) which requires good coordination, which requires good vision. My oldest (age 17) had “minor” focusing problems and I had none. My youngest started Vision Therapy immediately. My oldest admitted at that point that she had been getting headaches as the reading increased each year at school. She started and finished Vision Therapy in 6 months. She is now a freshman at the University and no longer gets the headaches. She has had a maintenance check up and has retained ALL of the improvements made by Vision Therapy. My youngest did Vision Therapy for 1 year. She is now in maintenance and in 6th grade. She got her 1st A in spelling. After she goes to bed, I will frequently find her reading. WOW. She is catching up at school and reading just for fun sometimes!

I am thankful that I found Dr. Brian Murray and Vision Therapy. I felt that I have spent my money well. What a positive impact on my daughters and our family.

Valerie K – Arlington, WA

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