Aaron’s Story

Two years ago teachers noticed that my daughter was reading at a lower level than the rest of the kids in 2nd grade. The suggestion at the time was to read, read, read, read, read. so that’s what we did. We read a lot!!! However, going through the 3rd grade, her teachers and I noticed that she was just not improving. At that time, my daughter was so frustrated and discouraged, our nightly reading turned into a tearful event. She became so discouraged by her own lack of progress that she relegated herself to “just being stupid”. Towards the end of 3rd grade, it was apparent that her progress had indeed stopped. It was then that I had my daughter evaluated for an IEP (individual education plan). During this evaluation, a nurse suggested that I get her eyes checked. The nurse specifically recommended Arlington Vision Therapy.

Dr. Murray tested my daughter’s eyes, and it was apparent that her eyes were not working well as a team, nor were they tracking correctly. In fact her brain was not correctly interpreting what she saw. Because of this, my daughter was incorrectly identifying words, skipping lines while reading, and becoming fatigued 1/2 way through a page. While this was definitely a challenge my daughter had to overcome, I was able to tell her not just with a Daddy’s love, but with a medical fact that she was not stupid. Rather, her reading was the result of a ‘glitch’ that needed to be worked out, and if she worked hard she would notice a difference. I cannot even begin to explain how important this was to her psychologically. She had a real reason for why she was not reading well other than what her 10 year old brain was telling her … “I’m just stupid.”

Dr. Murray recommended a course of action which involved office visits and home exercises. After 12 sessions, we started seeing a difference in the way that my daughter could read. After 24 sessions, the results in her reading were dramatic. My daughter is able to read for long stretches of time with out getting tired. She identifies words better, she sounds through words better. My daughter started 4th grade 2 years behind. At the end of 24 sessions with all the exercises in between, my daughter has gained 3 reading levels and is only 1 year behind. Even more importantly than that, she has noticed a difference in the way she reads which has turned reading from a dreaded time of the night, to a quality family time as it should be.

If another parent were to read this letter, I would let them know that educators are not trained to recognize “vision problems” other than nearsighted, farsighted, and dyslexia. I found myself educating educators as to what my daughter needed and why. There were no solutions anywhere, no reading programs, nothing that would help my daughter read better because none of these programs actually addressed the physiological problem. I can in fact say, that vision therapy, and more specifically Dr. Murray has had a huge impact on my daughter’s ability to learn, and feel good about herself as a student.


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